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32nd National Games kicking off in Pakistan today

After all the controversies and the petitions which were being submitted in the High court of Pakistan finally the National Games are to be start in the federal capital of the state; Islamabad. The head of organizing committee and the chairman of the National games Pakistan has announced that the 32nd National games will be starting from the 28th of June, 2018 that is Friday from Islamabad.32nd National Games kicking off in Pakistan today According to his announcement all the preparations are being completed and they are making sure to make this event as one of the most successful national events of Pakistan. The National Games which will be starting from 28th June will continue till the 4th of July. This mega event will comprise of 29 male and 11 female game competitions, in which almost 2000 athletes from all over the Pakistan will be taking part in it.

The start of national games was slightly controversial as a petition and request was being submitted in the Lahore High court for the purpose of not allowing the Pakistan Olympic association to conduct the national games. The request submitted by several Olympic players stated that the last National Games were being held in November 2012 so the national games cannot be started now as it is done after every 2 years. Lahore High court has rejected the request and has allowed the conduction and the start of the 32nd National Games.

32nd National Games kicking off in Pakistan todayIt is being reported that Mr. Jawed Miandad will be present at the lighting of torch ceremony and the inauguration of the torch march in Islamabad today. It is further said that he will start the torch rally from the Faisal mosque in Islamabad. Beside him the speaker of National Assembly Mr. Ayaaz Sadiq will also be present at the opening ceremony as he will inaugurate the 32 National Games of Pakistan on Friday. The security issue has always been a threat to all the events in Pakistan but for the national games a full proof security plan has been developed the mutual consent of the local security systems, the police and even the army. This information was being revealed in the press conference held at the Pakistan sports complex a day before the event by the Olympian; Mr. Rana Majid who is the secretary of the organizing committee for the National Games in Pakistan and Mr. Asif Bajwa who is the Chairman of Pakistan Olympic Committee.

In the inaugurating ceremony the cultural show is also organized so that it can be the point of attraction and entertainment for the thousands of fans which are expected to be present at the inauguration and at the lighting of the torch ceremony for the 32nd National games of Pakistan. The government has allocated the funds of 8 crores for the management and the conduction of these national games which the organizers are motivated and dedicated to spend it honestly.


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