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Pakistan vs Canada Live Kabaddi Match 8-12-2013 Highlights

Pakistan Vs Canada Live Kabaddi Match and then Highlights of that Kabaddi played on 8th December, 2013 will be available to this page so all the Kabaddi lover should be in touch with this page to see the live score. As it is consider that the Kabaddi is a game of Asians and it is also approved by the Kabaddi teams of Asian. There are total two pools in which eight teams are divided and in pool A the team at the top is India and in the Pool B the team at the top is Pakistan. So that is why this match that is Pakistan Vs Canada is going to be more interesting for the Kabaddi lovers too as if Pakistan won this match against the Canada then in the Semi Final they have to face the Indian team the most awaited time for the both of the Nations as time when these two team faces each other is not just a game then. Well today on 8th October, 2013 There are total 3 matches that are Sierra Leone Vs Denmark, England Vs Scotland and Pakistan Vs Canada. These all teams are playing for the Kabaddi World cup 2013 matches which is started from 1 December and go on till the 14th December, 2013.

Pakistan vs Canada Live Kabaddi Match 8-12-2013 Highlights

Pakistan vs Canada Live Kabaddi Match 8-12-2013 Highlights

Pakistan 61   –      29      Canada Live

Tournament: Kabaddi World Cup 2013

Date: 8-12-2013

venue: Nehru Stadium, Rupnagar

Pakistan is the most favorite team in the Pool B in this Kabaddi world cup 2013 as with the Pakistani Team the other teams that are in pool B are Canada, England, Sierra Leone, Scotland and Denmark. According to the official pointstable of the Kabaddi World Cup 2013 Pakistan Team in on the top in pool B as they have played 3 matches yet and among these 3 matches they did not lost a single match which were against Scotland, Denmark and Sierra Leone. So being on top the points of the Pakistan Team is 6.

On the other hand Canada Team is at the 2nd Number in point stable as this team played total 2 matches yet which are against Denmark and Scotland and with the good efforts of the Canadian Kabaddi Players they won these 2 matches and now they are going to face the player of Pakistani Team which is the most favorite team of the tournament.

Pakistan Kabaddi Team Squad :

Lala Ubaidullah Kambo , Babbar Gujjar, Shafique Chishti, Akmal Shehzad Dogar, Kashif Kasso Qasai, M. Khalid Gadian, Muhammad Maroof, M. Arshad Amrakala, Rashid Ismaeel, Matlob Ali Lala Saifullah Kamboh, Shani Basra, Waqas Gujjar, Jani Sanyara, Moshsan Wahla, Naeem Sindhu Aslam Dogar.

So all the kabaddi Lovers you do not have to go anywhere else if you want to see Pakistan vs Canada Live Kabaddi Match 8-12-2013 Highlights as this page will provide you the live score and when the match ended the video of that match highlights will also be uploaded to this page. As this is an important match for both the teams because they team who won the match will move forward to the semi final matches but the other team is out of the tournament so to secure their position in the Kabaddi World cup 2013 both teams will try their level best to won this match.


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